NAV 2009 R2: The definition of the SB Owner Cue Table has changed

After a failed nightly restore, NAV had to roll back the restore. After we got live again, users with the SB Owner profiles are getting this error when logging in:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The definition of the SB Owner Cue Table has changed. Start your activity again.


And not changes of course, so what could be the issue?

Right now users with this role center have another, but they really need their “own” RC back…

I eventually found out. The actual error “the definition of the x table has changed” was not new. The only thing was the Role Center Cue table used.
And in NAV 2009 that was all new stuff.

I tried restarting the service, re-compiling the table, re-starting, re-compiling the page (running the table from Classic worked fine), re-starting, recompiling all tables, restarting. Finally I also tried tried deleting the table completely. Nothing worked.

Then I found out that (another partner) had enabled the web services. Stopping the service, restarting NAV - and it worked! Not quite sure what the issue was here, except that it was related to the webservice. Problem solved. [:)]