NAV 2009 R2 SalesLine Factbox Issue


Has anyone faced the below issue. After the R2 upgrade i was not able to find the sales line fact box from the sales order Page. When i try to add the Salesline fact box the provideid field value is 0 (In R2 but in SP1 it is 58) and which is linking to Sales header table instead of sales line table.


Cant you be able to set ProviderID to 58?

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for you reply. I have tried that. If I change the provideid from 0 (Table filter was enabled and i can choose from sales header table instead of sales line) to 58 (i can only specify the value for the filter), i was not able to set the table filter in subformlink (Property)

would you like to import the code unit from the SP1? I sometimes have an issue on migration management code unit in the new version as opposed to the old ones so what i did was to import migrartion management code unit from the old to the new version ;o)

Thanks Morris. I have compared the codeunit on both SP1 and R2. Both are same.