NAV 2009 R2 - RTC Pages & SourceTableTemporary Property not working

Hello Everyone,

I am having a little bit of a problem here and wanted to check if Iam doing something wrong. Here is the situation :

  1. New list page displaying vendors, an “Edit” button to open the below vendor card.
  2. New card page to display details of vendors, on this card page the “SourceTableTemporary” property is set to Yes.

When the user chooses a vendor from the list page (1) and clicks on the “Edit” button there is code to pass the vendor record to the Card page (2) so it can display the vendor information, once the vendor is displayed the user edits the name of the vendor and closes the Card Page.

So far so good, here is the problem : When the user closes the Card Page after making changes, the changes are committed to the Vendor Table which should not be the case as the “SourceTableTermporary” property on the card page is set to Yes.

This is happening in NAV 2009 R2 in RTC, it works well on the classic client as I have tested this. I am wondering why this is happening in the pages.

Does anyone know of this situation or how to get around it.