NAV 2009 R2: notify automation giving attached 8007005 error

Issue with NAV 2009 R2.

When trying to do anything that involved the notify automation such as sending purchase orders for approval we are receiving the attached 8007005 error.

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Did you instantiated it

If X is Automation Variable, Write this code


The error occurs when NAV tries to send the SMTP message. The errors says that it cannot create the SMTP message. It cannot instantiate it. It’s a standard feature and if it does not work, then either you have a faulty server installation or setup is missing.

Have you setup and tested that SMTP mail works for this installation/client?

our SMTP server is 100% working.

where do i write?

Not the same answer as you have tested that it works other places in NAV? Is it in a test or production environment? Have you tested it from a different environment, client or user?

I would assume its customized code somewhere in which the automation never has been created (as suggested by rwn).

Maybe not, but you should debug the function to see exactly where the error occurs, then check the code.

Before using this variable in the code so that means in the top?

Did you wrote some custom code with Automation variable??