Nav 2009 R2 - Consolidated Trial Balance (17)

When printing the standard Consolidated Trial Balance (17) report from the RTC, the values and layout do not match the same report output when printed from the classic version using the same parameters.
The report has not been modified and I have not found any hot fixes or other threads about it.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

The report version is NAVW16.00.01 14/08/09 12:00.

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I hope all the masters in all the companies are same and intact .Check the masters in every company…

Not sure what you mean. The objects are standard and the same report when run in Classic shows the correct values. It seems to me it is a problem with the RDL report. However, I see it strange that no one encountered this problem since it is standard.

How many companies you have in DB?

Are you using consolidation of standard navision ??

We have a lot of companies. This is an upgrade from Navision version 4 and it used to work well for the same company in that version. Also the same report prints well if printed from the classic so the data should not be the issue. Only the RDL report is not working.