NAV 2009 Objects


How can i find out when i specific report was run, or a form or table was last accessed?

You would need to create a function to register this and insert it into the objects you like to “register”.

Thank you for the quick response. Would you perhaps have a sample code for such a function?

Sorry, i don’t.

And may I ask what the purpose of this would be?

Most of the times when customers have asked about something like this, then what they really needed (or ended up with) was the change logs, to see who modified something.

And I did once many years ago, create something where we registered when a specific report where printed (or previewed). Here we had a log table, which got updated by function we called when printing the report.

oBJET DESIGN TABLE 405 change log entry

Im preparing to upgrade from 2009 to 2017, so we do not want to carry over obsolete customizations and other objects which are no longer in use

Ahh yes, that was why we wanted to see if the report where run. We wanted to know if it was in use.

I am quite sure that there once was a standard tool for logging reports - Perhaps on the Developers Toolkit

Second option would be to ask Simplenova if they still have their tool at hand:

Generally, when it comes to reports - I would start all over, and define need-to-have and nice-to-have reports, especially because these reports are very expensive to develop.

No, the changelog entry table for data that gets changed, not objects being run.

Good day Palle,

I really appreciate your input and advise. The simplenova tool is still available and im busy tailoring that to meet my licence permissions