NAV 2009 License/instance questions

Hi everybody,

I have a NAV 2009 customer license.

My first question is:

Opening different NAV instances has any restrictions for end users ?

My second questions is:

If I was to open a new company, should I buy a new license or buy extra users for the existing License and open a new instance ?

I am not expert on the field, so any help is very much appreciated.

thank you in advance,

Hi Uaja,

You actually ask two different questions.

What is the effect of creating a company in Navision on my license?

You may create as many companies in your NAV database as you like. If you have an old MBL (module/granule based) license, then it required a granule to create more companies. But if you are on NAV 2009, then I’m sure you’re good. If you are a super user and are able to create a company with your license, then you’re good.

When do I need another license or more users?

Microsoft really only count servers and users. And as long as the number of servers/databases and users doesn’t change, then your license requirements doesn’t change. All the users using NAV has to be working for you or a company owned by you (the owner of the license). So if you are an auditor, then you can use a single license and a single user and use to do the accounting for your clients. If you have employees, then they also requires each a user license.

If the company you create is owned by your company in a legal matter then the same rules goes for their employees. They just require a user license. Your license is concurrent, which means it counts only active sessions. You can create as many users you like, NAV only cares about how many users are active at the time. Not like most other Microsoft licenses, per named users.

If the company is not your company, then there are different rules, that I don’t know exactly. Maybe some of our other members know the answer?

So the short answer to your question is, as long as the number of users don’t change and the company is in your existing database, then nothing related to your license changes.

Eric, your reply was very helpful.
Now I am pretty clear on this issue.

Yes, the new company has the same owner and the same users will be working on it.So, it is OK to have a new DB in the same server.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Uaja,
That’s not the case. You may create a new company. But not a new database or server.