NAV 2009 Interfacing

We are thinking about implementing NAV 2009 , doing so we need to interface an existing 3rd party


What was propose dto us is using NAV webservices to import the orders/quotes ( make use of the built in logic)

Somehow we are not convinced whether this will be the approperiate approach ,

But somehow we do not feel comfortable, because of the following reasons

  • webservice is not the quickest way for porcessing data (we have 50-100 orders a day)

  • we have the impression that this webservice feature in NAV2009 in not very mature (after reading the NAV forums)

Alternatively we could go for the good old flat file approach that syncronises every 10 minutes.

so our question is what would be the most approperiate approach ? Has anyone experience in this field.

maybe other techniques are more desirable like connecting the NAV db - 3rd part db both sql 2008.

or …?

Your opinion is mostly appreciated.



I will not recommend using web services to create sales orders. You can create web service to fill in temporary table(s) and then create orders from temporary table within NAV.


So you would feel comfortable to use webservices on tmp tables? In terms of stability and performance ? How do you use these tables? it like using an odbc driver and write into a table or what do i have to imagine ?

I was thinking on using web services in order to use the already existing buiness logic (when i read some articles about Nav 5 webservices, i have the impression that one can activate a webservice on top of a local unit , in this case salesorder. So we don’t have to care about de internal NAV business rules. (i’m not familliar with Navision at all !)

Another possibility mentioned is using the nav applic server. Although this sound to me a difficult and labor intensive process ?


You can create code unit and publish it as web service… Website will call functions and fill in temp tables without NAV validations. And you can run NAV scheduler to create orders from temporary tables.

If you want use NAV logic in web services you should be very careful. You should be sure that you do not interfere with other users otherwise you can be locked and user on website will wait and be annoyed. This is the main problem for websites that using NAV logic.