Nav 2009 Classic Client not Reading fin.zup file when installed on Windows 2012

We are migrating from hosting NAV on a citrix 6.0 Xenapp on a Windows 2008 R2 server to a XenDesktop 7.0 enviroment with Windows 2012. We have the FIN.zup files for the users in a share that is mapped as follows


In our old enviroment we have the shortcut setup as follows

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\finsql.exe” ID=\Servername\NAV_CONFIG%username%\fin.zup

This configuration works, fin.zup is accessible and user settings are preserved.

The new enviroment has the same path and command line option but when NAV is started, both through citrix and through rdp, the screen is blank. I also move the file to the default location and stated NAV and it also fails to display anything. It does update the time stamp on the file however.

After trying to read the file in 2012, if we access it through the 2008 servers it still works.

I am not very familiar with Navision as I administrate the Citrix enviroment and not the application itself so forgive me if I seem ignorant on Navision application.

Okay, I have found out the error of my ways, I needed to use the NAV classic client with Microsoft SQL Server.