NAV 2009 and Active Directory Groups

I’m running into some issues with Active Directory and Security Groups.

In AD I created a security group called “test group” and assigned one user called “test”.

In NAV, I added the group to the Security>>Windows Login and applied the Role BASIC for basic security access.
However, when I try to login with my “test” user I get an error “The user ID and password are invalid. Try Again”.
If I add the test user to the Security>>Windows Login and add the BASIC role to it. I can login successfully.

I am running the the database in Standard Mode, and even though it is Standard, I tried to Sync the Logins.

Does anyone have any ideas why the NAV Security Roles are not being passed down to the AD Group Members?

Does it matter that I am running Active Directory in Mixed mode?

Hi This tread is old but did you ever get any answer??

I have the same problem . I have configured user rights and roles in navision using an AD-Group. SQLserver grants access to the database, because the database is now visible in navision when you browse for databases in “open database” however when I click ok i get the error “The user ID and password are invalid”. Try Again" so it seems navision cant grant accecs through AD-Groups ,however if I add the roles directly to the AD user account everything works.

Do I have a bug or does Navision not authenticate Ad groups?