NAV 2.6B Adding Licenses for More Client Sessions

5086.Screenshot - SQ Navision Database Info.png

I was not the person to install this system. It was installed around 2001. As you can see, even without everyone in the shop today we have 9 people logged into Navision 2.6b. Many days we are maxed out and have to log in and out of the system, which is very annoying.

I was hoping someone guide me on where I can obtain more licenses and let me know where I need to go in order to add the licenses to the system. Thanks in advance for the help! [:D]


You’ll need to contact your Dynamics NAV Partner. You will only be able to add additional users if your company is current on its maintenance plan. Since you are on version 2.6, I would guess you are probably not, but you never know.

I was afraid someone was going to tell me this. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.