Native DBMS and mutiprocessor server

I did some tests with native database (NF version 2.60e) when my customer upgraded his system to Attain 3.10 based on SQL Server. I made a NF 2.60e backup from native database and installed new instance of NF 2.60e Server with native database on target server equipped with 4 processors. During restore I could see that ALL FOUR PROCESSORS WERE ENGAGED nearly on the same level (% of processor time) in this restore process. As I know in most guides there are informations about one-processor’s way of serving native DBMS database in NF. Has somebody any idea why all existing processors were active during restore? Moreover - when the server started (after restore) normal operations engaged all 4 processors too! Neither software RAID nor other processor-intensive processes were started during this test. Jakub Nowakowski

Navision native database uses only one CPU. SQL will use as many processors as it can get its hands on.


when my customer upgraded his system to Attain 3.10 based on SQL Server

Since you are now on SQL, you are comparing apples to oranges.

David, you did not understand my post. I made the test during the process of upgrading to SQL Server, but SQL Server was not involved in the test. I only used the target (multiprocessor) server to make a copy of running instance of NF 2.60e with native DBMS database. During the process I observed engaging of all four processors. When I restored the database and simulated normal operation (making a report) all four processors were loaded during this process too. The database was still native DBMS! I know the story about native DBMS database and one-processor only way to serving it, but my test shows something else, does not?

Did you notice the name of the process that was using the CPU time, or were you just looking at the graphical display of processor performance in Task Manager?

Yes. server.exe and slave.exe. CPUMONI.exe was renamed to cpumoni.ex_ and not started.