Native DB (.FDB) opening issue.

Hello All,

I have to Upgrade NAV from NAV 2009 to NAV 2009 SP1 .For that client had sent databse file(.fdb) Native database file which is not SQL server database and he is using USA Liscence for NAV. When I try to open this database file(.fdb) in Navision 2009 using My Liscence in India, It is giving following error.

You do not have permission to read the Object table.

Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.

Is it due to Liscence mismatch or any other issue??

Hi Asim,

Do you have proper User ID & Password having permissions to open the database?

Generally because of country mismatch in license, the system gives error message related to .STX file, which is not there in your case.

You may ask for BACKUP (.fbk) file from the client, restore and create the databse from it or else try with their license.

Hi Dhanraj,

Do you mean User ID and Password from Client Database file(.fdb).

If this is so then I need to ask User ID and Password to client for given database or Do I need to ask Liscence file from client.

Please Reply.

Yes, exactly. You should know User ID and password of one of the SUPER user.

Otherwise if you have .fbk file, then create a new database and restore the back-up in, and create your new SUPER user before closing the database for first time.