NASMSnapIn Version 4 SP1 - Does not start service

Could not find anything on the forum about the following problem I having: I can run NAS version 4 SP1 (2166). The problem is I can only start it from Services.msc and not from the Navision Application Server Manager NASMSnapIn. I can use NASMSnapIn to configure NAS and apply settings, and even to stop the service but the start button does nothing. I installed an earlier version of NASMSnapIn (by resrvr32.exe’ng all the dll of a previous version 3.70A) and I could successfully start the 4.01 NAS service. So this leads me to thinking that the version 4 NASMSnapIn is faulty. I checked the Event log and there were no errors. Any ideas?

You should really make it a habit to start the service from the services window. I’ve heard some funky things happen when starting from the NAS snap-in. You have to be in Services anyway to set up logon info, so might as well start it from there. You can add the Services node to the NAS Mgt Console. Click File → Add/Remove Snap-in, and then the Add button. From there you can add any Windows management console snap-in, like the event viewer, and Services, and all others. Don’t forget to save the console settings when exiting.

Ok, can do this, but would prefer to use the NAS management util because I won’t have to re-train the adminstrators and support people. I thought it might be a bug because why have a button to start the service.

You can add the Services node to the snap-in: File → add/remove snap-in. Click the Add button, select the one you want to add and voila! Don’t forget to save the console when you exit, so next time you don’t have to add it again.

Hi Nicholas, did you ever get a resolution for this? I’m having the same issue today. Thanks Mark.