NAS startup parameter


can anyone explain to me more in detail, what I have to do in Codeunit 1 - trigger 99. The startup parameter when starting NAS is passed to this CU/trigger, but what is the content of this parameter.


The parameter is a short text string. The parameter is used to control the section of code in NASHandler that is executed. There are several predefined parameters for Navision products that use NAS. (CG = “Commerce Gateway”). To use NAS for a custom feature, define your own parameter and edit the function to include a section for your parameter. This section should call the required code for your function. Hope this is helpful.

Open codeunit and browse to the function called NASHandler. In that codeunit, you will find a few statements: IF CGNASStartedinLoop = FALSE THEN CASE Parameter OF ‘MAILLOG’: CODEUNIT.RUN(CODEUNIT::“E-Mail Dispatcher”); END; This is where you would insert your custom startup parameter. So your code would end up like this: IF CGNASStartedinLoop = FALSE THEN CASE Parameter OF ‘MYTEST’: CODEUNIT.RUN(CODEUNIT::“My Codeunit”); END; And when you set up a NAS with the parameter MYTEST, it would run the codeunit called “My Codeunit”.