NAS & Session

Dear all,

I have seen that more than 70 user cannot enter into Database when Licensed sessions show the maximum number of sessions is 71.


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Exactly what do you want to know and does this have to do with Navision Application Server?

Thank you Sir.

Actually No one can find any relation between these two 1. Subject 2. Actual query in the Post.

If you click “for more”, then definitely you will find the reason of Subject matter.

Ok, then I really don’t understand why you post the question - if you don’t know the question either!

Hi Subrata,

When you purchase the Foundation pack you get 1 user and 1 session for an application server. You then add additional user (69 in your case). This shows as 71 sessions allowed but only 70 are user sessions - 1 is reserved for an application server. You can of course have more than one application server.

Thank you Sir…

I’m afraid to use this NAS because I think that it will occupy a user session.

Now it is cleared that NAS have its own Session. Am I right?

When you look at the Database information then you NAS (as Dave says then 1 is always included) is also included in the number you see there. But you cannot log in with the NAS session, only when using the NAS. So if your picture shows 71 sessions, then one of them is a NAS session, and you can only log in with 70 “normal” users.