NAS service error handle

Hi all Navision hackers! If you are running any object via NAS all messages and errors will be stored in the Event log file and you have to start the Event viewer on the server to read it. Do anyone know any external program that can check and notify errors automatic? When a new log occours I want to send the log text in an email or a net broadcast to the system administrator. Best regards. Torbjörn Carlberg Decido AB

Tjena Torbjörn! Hur är läget hemma i Sverige? Här på andra siden pölen är det finfint. Hälsa folket! Anyway, to continue in English… I didn’t install it my self but I think we used this at EF: this can broadcast any errors from the event log, and it can also restart the services when an error/warning comes through. Worked pretty good. Hope that helps Daniel

Tjena Daniel! Jojomen här e bara prima. Nya lokaler har vi oxå! Kom och hälsa på om du befinner dig på denna sidan pölen. Gänget hälsar! Ha det gött! /Tuborg. Thanks, I will test this product.