NAS Issues

We’ve been working with NAS, and trying to get it working as a service to process transaction events and fire off processes on a schedule. I’ve got a few questions/issues so far: 1 - For testing purposes, I have put a simple timer into fID 99 of codeunit 1: MESSAGE(‘NAS started. Startup parm = %1’, txtStartupParm); REPEAT MESSAGE(‘The current time is %1’, TIME); SLEEP(30000); UNTIL (FALSE); The messages are logged in the Event Log, but it is not possible to stop the service through Computer Management. It’s just stuck in an infinite loop. Is there a way to detect a stop request programmatically? I haven’t been able to use NASM to stop the service (which brings me to question 2). 2 - I cannot see the the installed NAS services in the NASMSnapIn. Even after installing the service via the command line, it is nowhere to be found. Has anyone else had any issues with this Snap In? 3 - Is there a better way to invoke a timer or job scheduler (or find more documentation regarding NAS)? All I’ve got to go by at present is “Installation & System Management: Navision Application Server,” which isn’t much of a help. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Take care, Brad Edited by - brad77 on 2002 Jun 15 01:13:28

When you manually Install the NAS, it can only be seen from “Computer Management–>Component Services”. In case you want to Manage NAS using the SnapIn, you need to add your NAS using “Navision Application Server Manager”. Create a new service, define company name,startup parameter value(which is NAS1 for UserPortal/CommercePortal & CG for Commerce Gateway) and then start service. Typically you need to restart your system sometimes for changes to take effect. Hope this answers some of your question. Regards

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help, Mohammad. take care, brad