NAS Error when print NAV report ,warning winspool NE02

Hi all

We use NAV 2009 R2, and windows server 2003 sp2. I found error when the NAS want to print Sales Shipment.

I install the Driver Printer for Epson LQ300+, Printer selection, set default printer, but it is still can not print.

always warning error : "You Can Not Print to , winspool ne02 ". I tried to restarts the server , sometime it can print the NAV Report , but sometime it is error. we use 4 NAS services in same server 2003 .

is there anyone can help , how to fix this problem ?

thank you


I have had a lot of “issues” or intermittent issues trying to use the windows drivers with the Epson printers. What I do is map an LPT port iwth net use lpt1 \[share] /persistent=yes and use that printer definition. I know that isn’t a full answer to your problem but maybe it is a hint that will help you figure it out.

Hi Teresa

Thank you Teresa, Actually I already made map printer like :\share printer\printer name and also make that share printer name as default printer in server.

but it is stiil not works, same error : “You can not print to …winspool ne02”,

maybe you can give the example , how to connect to printer correctly.