NAS Does Not Start Automatically

Dear All,

NAV version: 2009 SP1

Machine OS: Windows XP

I’ve installed 2 NAS in a machine. The settings for both NAS are the same:

Startup Type: Automatic

Log on as: Same for both NAS

First Failure: Restart the Service

Second Failure: Restart the Service:

Subsequest Failure: Restart the Service

Reset After count after: 0 days

Restart service after: 0 minutes

Off course the parameters used when creating these 2 NAS are different as below:



The problem is each time when I restart the machine, only the first NAS will be started, the 2nd NAS will never start by itself.

Is there any reason causing this? because it will be troublesome for me to manually start the 2nd NAS service.

Thanks in advance.

Did you check the Windows Event Log? If it fails during start then the error will normally be listed here.

Thanks for the advice and suggested troubleshooting steps.

I will pay some attention to the Windows Event Log. Meanwhile, do you have any idea on the possibilities that caused the scenario?

No, but that’s why I suggested you to check the event log. Most likely the error log will explain what went wrong. [:)]

Hi Erik,

I’ve exported the event log and uploaded it at

The name of the NAS are GuomaxNAS1 and GuomaxNAS2.

Really appreciate your effort in this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Suggestion: Read the log and tell us what it says.

Babrown said exactly what I would have said! This is NOT a free support board, but a place where users help users, so that you hopefully can solve this yourself next time. If you need support, then please contact your Dynamics partner! I hope you understand, this rather fine line. [:)]

Dear All,

Thank you very much for spending time reading and replying to this email.

As a civilized MS Dynamics Technical Consultant, why do you think I will simply upload my Windows Log file without go through it and understand it? [:)] Off course I read it throughly before I reply to this post.

The fact is that I can’t see any issue that might possibly causing the issue that I’m facing from reading the log file.

From my understand on the log file, these are my findings:

1. NAS1 tries to start.

2. NAS2 tries to start.

3. NAS1 failed to start. Reason: [The CMCHIN server cannot be found]. I think this is because NAS tries to start before my SQL server is started, so the NAS failed to start.

4. NAS2 failed to start. Reason: [The CMCHIN server cannot be found]. I think this is because NAS tries to start before my SQL server is started, so the NAS failed to start.

5. After MSSQL server started, NAS1 OR NAS2 start by itself with no issue. From my observation, either NAS1 or NAS2 will start. I done several times of testing by restarting my machine, sometimes it is NAS1 that will start while NAS2 nothing happen at all(No window Log entry is found regarding why it failed to start), sometimes is NAS2 will start while NAS1 nothing happen(No window Log entry is found regarding why it failed to start).

6. After that, no more other Windows Log can be found regarding my NAS. Thus, I need to start it manually.

Do forgive me if I just upload my Windows log file to this post previously without explaining more on it. I am truly sorry about that.

From my opinion, this forum is definitely a place where some forumer who might face some difficulties come and post their question, and hoping to get some useful hints/helpful hand.

By the way, off course this is not a free support board.[:)] That’s why I always says thank you whenever someone spent their time reading my post and give me some opinion. Even if at the end of the days, in case there is no one replying to my post, I will truly understand may be no one has ever face the similar issue regarding this NAS as me.

Big thanks to babrown and Erik P. Ernst, our ever helpful experienced NAV forumer and Webmaster. Cheers! Hope to get some input from you guys!

From your description, I’m thinking that NAS1 and NAS2 are installed on the same server as SQL. If so, I would set the 2 NAS services to “Delayed Start”. This will allow time for SQL to start.

In terms of the second service not starting, do you have enough licenses? That could be one reason while the second NAS won’t start.

Dear Babrown,

First of all, thank you very much for reading through my long post, [:)]

Yes, your idea of the “Delayed Start” sounds a good idea, I just gave it a try by setting the ‘Startup Type’ of both the NAS to “Automatic (Delayed Start)”, after that I restarted my machine, and both the services starts well!

On top of that, I’ve also done another testing and perhaps this might also be another solution. Whereby the ‘Startup Type’ is set as “Automatic”, and set the ‘Restart Service After’ field at the ‘Recovery’ tab for both the NAS to be different value. For example NAS1 set to 1 minutes, NAS2 set to 2 minutes.

As for the license, I am aware that standard NAV license only comes with a single NAS session. Thus, the customer had bought another NAS session. So in total, the license is entitled for 2 concurrent NAS session. Thanks for the reminder.

This will mark an end to this post as 2 possible solution has been found.

Thanks again Babrown, and also Erik for your time and effort!