NAS cannot connect to server on other computer

I installed a NAS successful on a computer but this NAS cannot connect to a Navision SQL database on another computer. This is my test environment: Computer A: pc with Win XP sp2, SQL server 2000, Navision SQL database 3.60. Clients are 3.70. I installed a Navision client 3.70 on this computer and I can connect without a problem to the database with windows authentication. I installed a NAS (3.70B) (same logon as I used to logon with the client). This NAS also connects to the database without a problem. I uninstalled the NAS after this test. Data about the computer and database: Computer name: PCBE01108 Database: BE20050910 Company: Test Comp Computer B: Windows 2003 Server STD. I installed a client (3.70B) on this pc and can connect to the SQL database on computer A without a problem (with the same Windows authentication). I installed a NAS (3.70B) on this computer and changed the settings in the registry of this service in order to connect to the SQL database on computer A. When I restart the service I get 3 messages in the Event viewer: The first message in the event viewer shows the ‘normal message’ indicating that the NAS has started. Also in the “Services” window the service is “Started”. After a few seconds when I refresh the event viewer I have 2 new warning messages. The first message is: “The PCBE01108 server cannot be found” and the second is: “The Navision Application Server PCBE01019-SQL could not initialize properly. I’m 100 % sure that all settings like server, database, startupparameter, nettype, Company, Objectname are correct. There is no firewall running on these computers. These are my settings in the registry for this NAS service: Company: Test Comp Database: BE20050910 Nettype: tcp Servername: PCBE01108 Startupparameter: NASBE Objectname: = my windows logon that I use to connect from this same pc to the database on the other pc. All other parameters have the default setting I also have a SQL 2000 running on the second computer with another test database. When I change the NAS settings in the registry in order to connect to this local database, it works without a problem. My windowslogon has almost admin rights and is a Super user in Navision. I also tried with the administrator logon but it didn’t help. I tried the same scenario on two very fast servers and 1GB switches (to exclude timing or performance issues) but the end result is also negative. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Excuse if this is a silly suggestion, you probably verified it 100 times but…it sound auwful like your NAS service is not running in the context of the Windows Account you have created…youre sure that the Service is using that account?

I found the solution (after checking and re-entering the parameters over and over again). I always used for the parameter NETTYPE the following values: tcp or TCP. At the end I left this parameter empty and then it worked. When I re-entered tcp (or TCP) in the Nettype-parameter again, it didn’t work anymore again. I tried it with and without the parameter several times always with the expected result. So I’m pretty sure that this was the solution (at least for my configuration). The reason why this parameter is not working for me, is something else. Maybe if someone has an idea?