Name of PO Workflow Approver in as dynamics 2012 ?

Hi All,

did Someone know , how to get the name of approver of PO workflow^in ax dynamics 2012 , i need to use it in SSRS report, i check some table like workflowelementTable , i didn’t found anything !

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select firstonly workflowtrackingstatustable
join workflowtrackingtable
where workflowtrackingstatustable .ContextRecId == purchtable.recid
&& workflowtrackingtable.TrackingContext == workflowtrackingcontext::WorkItem
&& workflowtrackingtable.TrackingType == workflowtrackingtype::Approval
&& workflowtrackingtable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == workflowtrackingstatustable .recid;
approvername = workflowtrackingtable.User;

this code might help you to get a PO approver(in the same way you can get the approver name of any order/ journal

by passing the approved record id as context rec id).

Thank You Chaitanya.


Hi chatitanya,

When i check the table in "workflowtrackingtable’ w.r.t your code (fetching by purchtable.recid) there are multiple records existing it that table as the status is Approved. and your code is fetching only first record and its difficult to find who is the actual Approver of PO.

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