Mystery of codeunit 358

Does anyone know why in my standard version of Attain 3.60, codeunit 358 (Date Filter - Calc) A) has no code behind it?[xx(] B) What it is/was meant to do exactly? If there is anyone who could shed some light on this, i look forward to reading your response. Thanks!!

Hm, have not checked it with 3.60 but in the 3.60 Beta was code. 3 Functions: 1) CreateFiscalYearFilter (calling CreateAccountingDateFilter) 2) CreateAccountingPeriodFilter (calling CreateAccountingDateFilter) 3) CreateAccountingDateFilter The CU creates a (filter-)text like Filter := FORMAT(AccountingPeriod.“Starting Date”) + ‘…’ + FORMAT(31129999D) Regards Walter

Thanks for you information Walter, that goes some way to solving the mystery. If anyone else has any other ideas, suggestions, solutions they would be much appreciated. In the mean time, i await navision’s official response…

John, I checked with TH and SG 3.60 and, guess…, there is the same coding in the CU as in the Beta version. Keep us updated if you have anything new. Perhaps somebody has the time and can “ask” the developer toolkit for references in the application regarding CU358. Cheers (6pm, Gin Tonic time…) Walter

Just for anyone elses information. Navision have said the reason this code unit is blank is that it is not needed in the GB version. I presume this would also relate to all codeunits with a similar lack of content that you may come across… but don’t quote me on that.