MySQL and Financials

Hi forum, i want to connect from a Linux MySQL-Database to a Finacials 2.01-Database. Which is the best way? Can I get a Linux C/ODBC client somewhere? Thanks Stephan Stephan Fehrmann BEST GmbH

Probably the easiest way would be to use Java on the (web?) server to make the connection. There are several good JDBC-ODBC Bridges available to do the job. We have fine experiences with the software from EasySoft UK (see However, be prepared for some troubles or incomplete functionality when using the C/ODBC driver from the 2.01 version. You would be much better off when you could use the 2.60 version, but that would require an update of NF as well. John

Hello Stephan, Have a look at it is a GPL alternative to easy-soft. I tried it with FreeBSD/Apache/PHP. But one can use C++/Perl/PHP etc. with it.

If you mean ODBCSocketServer, I have had quite bad experience with it when using in combination with PHP. 1) it would hang time after time (I believe this is connected to memory leaks due to CODBC being not thread safe) 2) there were numerous problems while attempting to retrieve something bigger than “SELECT Name FROM Customer”. 3) You have to parse XML yourself, this is slow on big data amounts and can be complex to handle errors correctly etc. I would rather reccomend Easysoft’s ODBC-ODBC Bridge, as it is supported product, has native interfaces for most of common development environments, and finally - you interface with it just like you do with any other ODBC driver, so you can write portable code easily. IK D/S ELVA NSC Riga, Latvia