My Quotes

When I look at the My Quotes in Ax 2012 I see everyone’s Quotes. How do I configure it to only see my quotes?

Is your user linked to an employee?

Where is the set?

System administration\Common\Users\User Relations

If I enter a Quote I would expect that Quote to show up under ‘My Quotes’? Am I incorrect?

You are correct but how does the system know who you are? Just by your user account?

It will know when you relate an employee ‘Mike Shy’ with the User account: Mike Shy. That’s what we are trying to explain here :slight_smile:

Hi Mike

The My Quotes is an “Employee” filter - so your user has to be tied to your employee to get the system to work - the purchase requisition is similar - if your user is not linked to an employee you cannot load a purchase requisition. It might be something else, but that is the first thing to check.