My form is not closed

hi everybody,

Good Evening!.

I have done projection form which is created by myself. Here i face the proble, The form is some time not closed when i hit the close button(X), minimize buttton and restored button are working fine. I dont know, why it is happen. Please anyone can help me to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance



Hi Stan,

Override close() method in form ,and create one button And override clicked Method.After that call close method like element.close().This will work.

Hi Nani Thanks for the replay, already i tried for the same code. it is working for some time but not permanetly. I want the exact solution when i hit the close button(X), form should be closed.

That normally works, what you need is to find what has broken. The typical issue is something wrong in close()/canClose() methods or a child form that needs to be closed first.