My first step towards making movies!! Have a look..

Hi Community,

I’m one guy totally passionate in movies from my childhood, and surely in the next few years I’ll be a movie director!

Few days back, I took my first step in starting to make movies. We were a team of five people. I personally wrote the script, acted and directed the movie along with the help of experts.

You can watch my movie at this address:

Don’t forget to tell me how it was guies…

Thanx and Regards,

Vikram Acharya

Not bad. When are you planning to change your job then? :wink:

Hi Erik,

I’m planning to join University of Southern California to do my furthur studies in Movie Making in Fall 2010.

Till then I’ll be preparing for my exams, make some more movies and work with Navision too!

Hey Vikram great stuff. Keep at it, you will make it for sure. [Y]

hi vikram:)

did yo join?