My Certification Problem

Hi all, I want to certify for Microsoft Navision Attain Consultant in Development - A for which the following exams needs to be passed as per the information given in the FTP site. W1-00-001:Attain Overview W1-00-002:Attain Essentials W1-05-010:Attain Programming W1-05-011:Attain Development Now instead of the above exams, I have appeared and passed for the following AU-00-001:Attain Overview(76%) AU-00-002:Attain Essentials(80%) AU-05-010:Attain Programming(93%) Now what needs to be done? Can these passed out exams be converted into the W1 codes? Will this affect my final certification? Will i have to take the exams second time? Pl reply soon.[:(] Best Regards, Sachin

Hi Sachin I am afraid the news is not good [:(] You have passed the “Australian” exams. In the UK everyone who did this had to resit them - they were not converted. I suggest you contact your NTR but my guess is you will have to sit them again. Apparently the web site for taking the exams has been re-structured due to so many people making the same mistake.

hello Schin according to my knowledge you should appear NA_40-221 exam for certification of Navision. One Syllebus file also attached, I think it will be usefull for your exam. [:O][/hl][/hl] [:O] bye
Attachment:[/b] Programming_NA_40-221.pdf ( 23750bytes )