Must be a better way - Internal Sales

Hi, and thanks for the other interesting problems.

We use NAV v5 SP1 - non Inter company.

We hire our trucks to different divisions within a single company to record income against expense for individual vehicles. We raise an invoice to dummy Customers, say, C1000 (Plant A), and sell the service as, say, HourlyRateT1. Whilst I can direct the various components of the income to appropriate G/L accounts, there remains in the Debtors account, and therefore the Debtors control account, literally hundreds of entries for the month that have to be reversed and journalled correctly, much too hard. Any suggestions as to how to handle this transaction better please? Regards, Jon [:$]

You can use the general journal in entering these transactions, so that no open invoices and dummy customers will be maintained. just use the dimension functionality for the different division/department.

Let’s take this as an example. We use Vehicle/Truck Code to recognize expense and then use Department/Division Code to recognize sale/revenue:

DEFAULT Default Journal Batch - General Journal
Posting Date Document No. Account Type Account No. Description Debit Amount Credit Amount Amount Vehicle Code Department Code
02/23/11 G00005 G/L Account 6880 Transportation / Gasoline Expense 12500 12500 001truck
02/23/11 G00005 G/L Account 7100 Sales 12500 -12500 002salesservice

Thanks Morris, this is moving towards a more efficient solution. I was originally thinking that a solution would entail processing these sales (of services) and gathering them at a period end (say monthly) and passing one journal rather than raising a journal many times a day for each instance. Whilst in a manufacturing environment now, my background has been retail/manufacturing, in which case I may have used an enduring sales order for the month and posted Delivery dockets for the use of the service each time. At the end of the month rather than processing an invoice run, I would have used a report to identify the transactions and then passed one journal for the period; sadly we don’t use sales orders here. Am I asking too much of you to consider these points?[:D]

Regards, Jon

in processing above suggestion, you need not use a sales order. this is a plain journal template (general journal). in this way, you can eliminate the open invoices or orders and open (dummy) customer balances since i believe you wont collect from your own department/division. what you need is just to book in the revenue and expense, which can be addressed by the dimension functionality. btw, did you received my email with dimension manual attachment?

Thank you Morris, I received your email and appreciate the great effort you have made to assist me. I agree that the job, for all the reasons you mention, should be made by daily journal(s), and so it shall be.

Many thanks again for your kind interest, I shall now come to grips with the technicalities of the Dimensions,

regards, Jon.

no problem. you’re welcome ;o)