Multisite Activation

hi all

i am doing multisite Activation on ax 2009. In activation Batch job there is one task named “recalculateInventSum” which internally calls “InventSumReCalcItem” class. this task taking lots of time near about 6 my question is can anyone know what exactly InventSumReCalcItem class does.?can i skip that class from batch job ?

Its name suggests that it recalculates inventory quantity for individual items. Looking into code would tell you what exactly happens there.

If you think it should be faster, look at what’s slow and optimize it. Maybe you need a new index, to defragment existing indexes or so. Also check if there isn’t any related hotfix.

Trying to skip any step doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Well in one instance you have no sites, then you activate sites and every inventory quantity transaction will need updating with a site - so how many inventory transactions do you have - the multi-site activation will take time on an active system from memory!


Thanks for your reply.