Multiselection lookup of vendors

  • Create a form
  • Add a field with vendor lookup
  • The lookup should contain all the vendors
  • The end user should be able to multiselect the vendor
  • When ok is clicked, an info should pop up with the list of selected customers.

This may help you,…/

I’m always suspicious about multiselection lookups. Lookup are normally used for selecting a value of a field, which can’t hold multiple values (technically it can, but it would be a disastrous database design), so multiselection lookup doesn’t make sense in most cases. There are valid scenarios, such us selection multiple values for filtering, but most people try to use them in wrong ways. What’s your goal?

Please add a tag with your version of AX; it may be important. By the way, I changed the title from “How can I perform ths task below”, because it didn’t really describe the topic.

Yes Sir Thankyou,here after I give a suitable title,thank you for suggesting me,to aware of the multi
selection loops

I have made it Thank u Kranthi,I followed ur helps me