Multiselection in lookups in AX2009

Initially created form1 and dragged some fields in grid and added a new checkbox control in grid part of the design view.After that a EDT1 is created and the form help property of EDT to form1.finally created form2 and added string edit control in design node and changed the edt property of control to EDT1. Actually lookup is created but when I click a check box in the lookup every checkbox in the grid gets selected.

Can anyone Please suggest how to resolve this issue.


only in AX2009

thanks in advance

Is the check a bound or unbound control?

unbound control!!!

How does it knows you are selecting a check box for particular record? It will not work.
Tell us what you are trying to achieve?

i am actually multi selecting the records in the grid using checkbox control in a lookup .
Please tell me how to achieve that?

Let’s say you have several records selected - how do you want to put them to a single string field? If you thought about comma-separated values, your design violates already the first normal of database design. Databases really shouldn’t be designed in such a way - you don’t know how long field you need, you wouldn’t be able to meaningfully search values, use the field for joining, setting up indexes and so on…

You need a separate table linked to your existing one, therefore you won’t have your field in the grid at all, there won’t be any lookup either when the field disappears, therefore the whole problem will become obsolete.

Actually i need only selected records to be get displayed in an infolog and not in the string edit field.

So why were you talking about a field and a lookup? A normal form called through a menu item button is all you need.
You can even use the standard functionality for multi-selection in grids, without having to re-implemented with your own checkbox. Then use MultiSelectionHelper class to iterate selected records and call info() to put values to infolog.