MultiSelect the Enum lookup using Shift Key

Hi all,

In ax 2009 multi select the value using the lookup by using shift key .How can i achive the requirement … ??

Could you please explain your problem in detail? Which form control are you talking about? In which form? What’s the problem?

i need to multiselect the lookup value by using shift key in ax 2009

when the look up is appear the value is multiselected using the shift key .

Hi martin,

my screen shot attached below

Thank you, so it’s yet another thread about the same thing. Please don’t make duplicate threads, it just makes the discussion harder to follow.

No, it’s not possible. It doesn’t make sense either. Even if you could select multiple values (which can be achieved), the lookup will return just a single one, so it would be useless.
Use a different design, such as a grid with multiselection.
Explain your business requirement to us if you’re unable to design a feasible technical solution and want us to help you with it. When trying to explain your problem in detail, don’t be afraid of using multiple sentences.

Hi martin ,
If any possibilities to multiselect in ax 2009 using shift key without lookup??

It is possible - if you read my last reply, it’s mentioned there. You can select multiple records in a grid.

Hi martin,
i had created the lookup using the enum value …for that looKup any possibilities of multi select ??

I already answer that in my first reply in this thread (“No, it’s not possible. It doesn’t make sense either.”)
You seem to be wasting with it for 12 days on this forum only. Please read what we suggested to you and if you aren’t able to design a feasible technical solution for the business requirement, explain the requirement so we can help you with it.

Just starting more and more threads about the same invalid design isn’t a way forward.