MultiSelect lookup with Dimension Value and Description

Hi there,

I have been trying hard to get the multiselect lookup with the dimension description and value. I know how to create single select lookup with dimension value and description but running out of luck with the multiselect. What i want to do is to allow user to select multiple divisions from a dialog filter and filter the CustInvoiceJour records accourdingly. any idea how??


What exactly is the problem? Does it mean that you don’t know how to implement multi-selection in general, or do you have any particular problem divisions.

For reference, I’m adding a link to your other thread, which is clearly related to this one: Financial Dimension Dialog Filter and Query Range using Data Provider in AX reporting.

Hi Martin

That issue in another thread is sorted. What i am trying to do is i want a multi selection lookup having Dimension Value and description. The issue is the dimension description is not available as a field in Defaultdimensionview therefore if i want to select multiple sales person from Employee dimension I am not able to see their names and the only field available is the employee code (display value). I am currently using Mutiselectgrid that fetches the records from query and i am not able to get the dimension description in the query. any help will be highly appreciated.


First of all, consider whether you really want to build the lookup on dimension values and not the backing entity (divisions or employees in your case; you mentioned both and I don’t know which is correct).

If a view don’t contain all fields you need, you can join it with another table or make a new view.

Hi Martin
the question is not of division or employee (that could be any dimension), the issue is how to select description of a dimension in a query.

I’ll try to formulate it more clearly, nevertheless please let me use employees as an example. Do you want to show all employees, or only employees that have ever been used in financial dimensions?

If it’s the former, you just have to find the view used for the backing entity (e.g. DimAttributeHcmWorker) and display Name field from there. You can also look at how it’s implemented in standard AX, e.g. in DimensionDefaultingLookup form.