Multiselect Lookup with different ranges

Hi All,

I have added one StringEdit control to the form DimensionDetails. And it a multi-select lookup using SysLookupMutiselectCtrl class. to show the list of companies. For three dimesion I need to apply ranges.

For example, Dimension1 - The Lookup should show company1 and 2.

Dimension1 - The Lookup should show company2 and 3.

Dimension1 - The Lookup should show company4 and 5.

Please tell me how to use multiple ranges?

Thanks in Advance…

Not sure what you are looking for. Can you please explain it in a better way?

Please refer to the below image…

Hi All,

Any suggestion?

Do you mean the report column name field is a multi selection control? If so how will it know that for agreement it has to show company 1 and company 2?

What is the purpose of multi selection in your case?

Jut i need to show the companies for the dimnsion… And it will be used in reports further… report column is not a multiselection control…

Use a grid (with a custom table) and select the companies related to that dimension name.

Or implement the similar approach of Purpose that you see while editing/creating address (for any customer or vendor), but still you may need to save them in a table(as separate records) rather than saving in a single field.