Multiple versions of the same report

I need to run a report that I have created, but with miltiple pages dependant on the contents of various fields. i.e. On the table, I have fields a,b,c,d and e. If there are contents in field a then print the report with address A. If there are contents in field b then print the report with address A and address b, and so on… I need to pass these details to the same report i.e. Address A to page 1, address b to page 2, etc… If this cannot be achieved, should I be making seperate reports run as if they are same report, or use multiple sections where the code sits on the pre section of the report ?? Any Suggestions ??

Dean Is there a key you can use on pre report, to group the records then New Page Per Group property would do you. David Cox email:

Hey Dean, i can’t imagine the problem for sure, but if i need to create something depending on another value, i usuly use Flags, which are set before the main process is started. You could create something like: IF STRLEN(A) > 0 THEN Flag[1] := TRUE; IF STRLEN(B) > 0 THEN Flag[2] := TRUE; … or Flag := 0; IF STRLEN(A) > 0 THEN Flag : = 1; IF STRLEN(B) > 0 THEN Flag := Flag + 2; IF STRLEN(C) > 0 THEN Flag := Flag + 4; … in the second example the variable Flag is set bit-wise, so you have every possible combination as a integer-result and you can react in a CASE-query. Depending on the result you can create the output. Does this help in any way ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Grouping is the only way to get the records grouped on seperate pages. Navision outputs as it finds the records no pre processing is done, we can not even have a pages total, IE: 1 of 12, 2 of 12 etc: David Cox email: