Multiple versions of C/ODBC an Same PC

Hi, I need to connect to different versions of NF from 2.1 to 2.6 using C/ODBC. Only thing is that the C/ODBC 2.6 driver isn’t backwards compatible and when you install it it overwrites the 2.1 C/ODBC driver. Does anyone know how to install the 2 drivers and be able to use them in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Any ideas appreciated, Mark

Hi I once had the same problem. The only solution is to uninstall your present c/odbc, delete all files in the directory and install the version you need. Regards Esben

Hi, As per my knowledge it is not possible to install two C/ODBC driver on same machine.

There is an ODBC switcher that seems to work fine up through Windows 2000 at this site (we haven’t tested it under XP). You still can’t run two different versions of C/ODBC at the same time, but you can switch between multiple versions.

Wel This tool don’t seem to work with version 3.10A. Vanina

I am able to run multiple versions on one machine. Install the first version you need, 2.00. Create the Data source. Go in and change the name of the odbc file i.e ODBC.200. Install the second version of ODBC, 2.01. Create the Data source. Rename the odbc file i.e ODBC.201. Continue this process until you have all versions of ODBC you need. You will then rename the ODBC file of the version you want to use i.e ODBC.200 becomes ODBC.dll.