Multiple VAT Registration's for company (Add-on)

We wish to implement a multiple VAT Registration’s number for one of our company which has operations acros the EU and also for some of vendors and customers of this company. Is there any solutions out there, or some Add-on to buy and implement in Navi 3.60 (or 4.0)? I think Navision original version don’t support this feature. By, Stanko.

Do you need to use several No. Series for VAT Entry and assign to invoice depending on … what? You can add the Posting No. Series field from table 36/38 on Order/Invoice form and let the user select the Serie he/she want. Or you can take a look at italian version, where posting No. Series is added on VAT Business Posting Group table in this way the selection of correct no. series is done automatically depending on customer/vendor vat type (e.g. one serie for national, one for EU and another for Extra-EU)


I think Navision original version don’t support this feature.
Originally posted by stankotr - 2005 Oct 14 : 14:41:06

Does! You can do this with Business posting groups and VAT posting groups. It is quite usual for “bigger” companies to have several VAT-registrations in several countries. At least 3 of my customers did a setup for that in the “original” version.

I think if someone is doing their first post, then this is probably a beginer question. Stanko, if you post to the advanced forum, then the replies will be based on the assumption that you are an advnaced user and are seeking a more ocmplex solution. We have the Beginer froum, where you will get answers to more basic Navision issues, I will move this post there. Your request sounds pretty straight forward, and unless there is some complex issue we don’t know about, then walters solution should work. Also if in fact you do need an Add-On to resolve this, then please post to the Add-On forum, where you will get a better response. !!!Keep in mind that there are members that develop add-ons, and subscribe to the add-on forum, and probably wont see your post if it goes to the wrong forum.

Thank you Elena, Walter and David for your kind reply’s. With multiple VAT Registration No. I was thought the field on Company card, Customer card and Vendor card. So, In standard Crouns installation there is “one and only one” field for enter Vat Registration No. per Company,Customer and Vendor. Our company has 3 diferent VAT Registration in diferent countryes, and report about VAT transaction to three diferent Tax authority! I still think there is no “standard” solution in Cronus database. I look at Italian Cronus and there is a possibility to set up No. series who depends on VAT Bussines group (solve part of problem). By, Stanko Trcek

Stanko, it looks like you have Navision setup incorrectly. THe best soltion is to contact your NSC, and have them look at what is going on, and get it setup correctly. From what you hae psoted here, it looks as though you have multiple companies set up as departments inthe same Navision company.