multiple unit of measure

Hi All, I would like to know if Navision can support multiple Unit Of Measure in this instance: 1pc = 1.3 (metre square) 1 bundle = 1000 pcs Hence when creating an order, i’m given the flexibility to define for both pcs and bundle. Is it possible?Any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

Yes, this is posible. You define 3 basic UOM in the item card: 1) Base UOM - for your inventory, usually the smallest unit you handle 2) Purchase UOM - default purchase UOM 3) Sales UOM - default UOM for sales. Aditionally, you can define any other UOM that you might need, always indicating the relation to your base UOM (button Item on the Item Card, Unit of Measueres). On any transaction that involves items, you can choose one of the UOM that you have defined in that list, and when posting, your documents will use the selected UOM, inventory entries will be converted to your base UOM. Saludos Nils

I would also note to set the base UOM to the item’s smallest unit. then you can create as many UOM’s as you want base = 1 pc 12 - 1 case 144 - 1 skid 1000 - 1 truckload etc, etc this will also avoid any decimals in the qty on hand.