Multiple Tax Group on Sales Invoice

Is there any way to use multiple Tax Groups for the same line on a Sales Invoice? Here is my case.

I work for a Travel Agency in Argentina. Domestic air tickets have multiple VAT (one part of the fare is exempt and the other has a VAT of 10.5%). We are currently using NAV 2.60, and invoicing every air ticket in two lines on the Sales Invoice (one for the exempt part, other for the 10.5% VAT).

That isn’t correct, because the real quantity of invoiced air tickets is 1, not 2 as we do. So I don’t think using 2 lines is right.

The same happens when we have to post the Purchase Invoice.

We are moving to NAV 4.00 SP2 in a couple of months. Is this issue solved? Or is there any way to use 2 lines, but to count as only 1 sold item for statistic purpose?

Best regards,

Mauro Gasparri

Dear Mauro,

There is a field in the purchase line named VAT base amount,VAT gets calculated on that amount only.Make this field editable and change the amount on which you want to calculate the VAT.It is a small customization that VAT amonts will not change evcen after posting of Invoice,because when you calculate the structure the VAT base amount get changed to it original amount also when you post the invoice structure gets validated.

In India we face the same kind of problem in Excise.In India this case is called Excise passing case.


But late with a response I guess…but anyway, I can tell you that V4 SP2 won’t resolve this issue for you. VAT rate is taken from VAT posting set up, and you cannot therefore have more than one rate for a given document line.

for you stats hve you thought of selling half a ticket on each line?! - or would this mess up your price?

Alterantively you could set the products to VAT=0 and then post the VAT as a GL line (or two if u wish). However this would mean that you would not be creating genuine VAT entries as far as Navision was concerned, so you could not use the standard VAT statement report.

Your final alternative would be a system modification by your MS partner to change the VAT calculation functionality for you.

OK, I admit it - I want to ask you a question…do you know if there is a V4SP2 version specifically for Argentina?



No there isn’t country specific for South American countries, but there are several Solution centers that have localized it. You should get in contact with them.