Multiple supplier warehouses as Bulk Locations in Virtual WHS

Hi all,

A question regarding virtual warehouses in AX. I will sketch the real situation and the possible solution for this.

We have multiple regions with different suppliers in each region (e.g. WHS 2,3,4 all different vendor accounts) all supplying one central hub WHS1. Coverage between the warehouses is set-up in the coverage groups (Per 365, once annual buyin period). Same itemcodes are bought and stored in WHS 2,3,4 before being transferred to WHS1 (lead time 42 days, Per 365) Now when stock is below given SS. WHS1 has no way of choosing between WHS 2,3,4. Using FIFO principle to transfer from WHS 2,3,4 we would like to empty a set item from one of WHS 2,3,4 first ( the one with the largest storage cost)

We would like to create one virtual WHS for this region (e.g. WHS5, discard WHS 2,3,4 and instead make these WHS 2,3,4, Bulk Locations 2,3,4 in WHS 5, so we can then use picking order to empty said WHS’s)

Is this a good solution or what are some of the drawbacks to this set-up.

TNR’s generated can be from different vendor accounts and this can cause problems with customs as they will have a TNR with seperate adresses and dates in one container. When one bulk locations is empty it will generate a TNR for the other location to be filled in the first container.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Hi Greg, I have modeled a similar situation as you stated and worked Ok for me, not the same, but very similar. I think you should test it in a test environment with some different cases that you know may arise.