Multiple site in Dynamics AX 2009

Hi all,
I setup a company with 2 manifacturing sites (site 1 and site 2) and 1 site for distribution (Site 3). The sales forecast are added for all the 3 sites and I setup BOMs and Routes for the manifacturing sites. But when i execute a Master scheduling it’s generate a production order from the site 3, the desired result is to generate a transfer order from site 1 or 2 to site 3. Please if you have any idea it would be good to hear about this.

It CANNOT do site 1 OR site 2, you need to set the rules of replenishment up and by item (or technically warehouse) you tell it the refilling warehouse. By telling it this you define the rule, it does not just pick. That said you would not want it to, you will want it to make to the forecast you have entered across all 3 sites.