Multiple Sales Order Prepayments

Hi All,

Is it possible to have multiple prepayments on a single sales order? We have already invoiced and received payment for a 80% prepayment. But now we want to increase that to 100% and issue an invoice for the remaining 20%. My understanding is that NAV should be able to handle this - it should simply do a little math and work. But whenever I change the prepayment % on a sales order I get an error saying

“Prepayment % must be 80 when the Prepayment Invoice has already been posted in Sales Line …”

This would imply that it doesn’t actually support multiple prepayments … in that case how would you suggest I handle this? We need to issue an invoice for the remaining 20% of this order but not ship anything yet (and I can’t invoice something without first shipping it …)

NAV 2013, NA localization


Multiple prepayments are possible in NAV 2013.

What’s the status of the order?