Multiple purchase requisitions into a single order

Hi All,

I have 3 different purchase requisitions(PR1,PR2 and PR3) created by 3 different requestors (user1,user2 and user 3)but the vendor is same for all requisitions(Vendor001). My requirement is to create single purchase order for all the 3 PR’s.

I opened “Release approve purchase requisition” screen and selected all the lines against these 3 PR’s which are having same vendor and clicked on New (Purchase order) button and system created 3 PO’s not single PO.

As per my understanding it should create only one PO but not sure why it is creating 3 PO’s even though vendor is same. Am I missing anything here? Please help me.


Hi Chinni,

Make sure the other details like delivery date, currency are also same in your three PR lines.

Try again validating the other details too.



Thanks for reply Elmer.

There is no Delivery date field on purchase requisition but we have requested date. Different PR’s with same vendor,curreny and requested date are converting into a single PR.

Thank you once again for your input.