Multiple Production Unit in a single Company

Hi All,

Our client has multiple Production Units which are geographically seperated. The Products manufactured are same at all of the Production Units.

However,the Maufacturing resources such as Work Center Groups/Work Centers are specific to Each of the Unit.

I would like to any has any body worked on similar scenerio in Axapta and what is the best way of representing such requirements in AXAPATA.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Vijay,

The problem you have is regarding the single company scenario you seem to adopt ie one company has a number of different production locations and not a ‘master’ production site which transfers production to the satelite sites.

I had a customer under Axapta 3.0 who had to develop an important specific functionality to cater for the notion of a ‘producing company’ in the item master which is very roughly similar to the ‘plant’ notion in SAP; from there he was able to specify which plant produced which product.

In your case ( I assume you are in Dynamics AX now) the only idea I can suggest is regarding the Inter Company functionality in the new version. You would have to set up different companies and that would give you the production independence you seem to be looking for but that might mean making too many big changes to the financial structure of your current company. However, it would allow you to plan production on an intercompany level and take advantage of all the new functionality in this area.

Also, have you not explored further the default warehouse functionality per item? If you assume that your production units are in fact warehouses, you can stipulate via the production orders which product is to be manufactured in which warehouse - that in itself, gives you a certain amount of flexibility.

I hope this helps even if it isn’t an exact answer but I’d need more information on your current company set up to go further.

Good luck