Multiple Prices with free items

For a consumer goods company, Item Prices depend on Responsibility centers,Packings(Units of Measure) and trade schemes. In Inventory->Items->Sales->Prices, how to map “free trade scheme”, where along with a set of items, some other item is given free.

Hi There is nothing in the standard code you will have to modify the structure to accomplish this. Presumably the free trade scheme has inventory implications and therefore these goods have the potential to be costed differently. We have one customer who offers a lower priced item each time five of the standard are bought, to differentiate it in(although they are the same item) a second item card has been created to give them the flexibility of adding the bonus item to the sales order. Sounds to me though that you require something written rather than manually using the system. Steve

Hi, such a function is often used in the retail business (like buy 2, get 1 free). I suggest to install a “Mix and Match” function (2 more tables and forms) where you can define all the business rules. While on the sales line you easily check these rules. As you have the control about the “Mix and Match” you should not have any problems with the cost(postings). If you need an example of such a solution please feel free to contact me by email. Kind regards Walter

Hi Steve & Walter, Thanks a lot for yr replies. Iam trying to map a scheme as an item, with different items in it as BOMs. For free items, a different unit of measure with “F” concatenated to its base unit (and other units also), is being tried, where for those units item price is kept as zero. The process is under trial, shall inform you on the progress once its through. Meanwhile, pls do inform if u anticipate any problems with this type of mapping. Regards, Raju

Hi Walter, The mix & match functionality has actually already been made by a company called Strengur on Island ( It seems to be working quite well. Regards Kim

Hi Kim, “mix and match” is a often used phrase in the retail industrie. However, as I stated before, you need only 2 Tables and forms to define all the business rules and then implement it to the price finding system in Navision. I guess Strengur is not selling only their “mix and match” solution; they want to sell their POS solution. Regards Walter