Multiple Postings to a control account in the balance sheet

Hi All,

Twice in 2 weeks i’ve been asked the same question from 2 different clients and i’m started to second guess myself…I’d like to just clarify my understanding please.


Order/Invoice with Multiple Lines but different dimensions…

The Header has been populated for arguments sake with the department SALES

There are 3 Lines to the document

Line 1: £100 Dimension = SALES

Line 2: £200 Dimension = PURCH

Line 3: £300 Dimension = ADMIN

Now my understanding is that as standard, AX will post the following:

Control Account in the balance sheet = One amalgamated posting of £600 with the dimension = SALES (got from the header)

P&L postings are 3 individual postings for £100, £200, £300 respectively, each with their respective Dimension posted against them.

OK…the question that I’m getting is, can the amalgamated posting to the balance sheet be posted as individual entries too. This allows for improved reporting by dimension against the control accounts. My answer to this is NO it cannot be done as standard. After further questioning as to why, it transpires that they are actually looking for a Balance Sheet by, in the example above, Department.

As i said at the outset…I’ve started second guessing myself. Been in the ERP business a lot of years, had never been asked this previously…(If they wanted Balance Sheet by Dimension typically it was because they were trying to use a dimension as a company identifier where the company was its own separate legal entity…in which case i would advocate a separate company…)

Am i incorrect? Is there indeed a parameter that allows this…?

Your constructive help would be much appreciated