Multiple NAS running against one company

Hello all,

We have a lot of job queue jobs running and a few of them are required to run our WMS systems, etc so It’s very critical that they get kicked off in a timely manner and that other jobs don’t hold them up.

I’ve search around and I can’t find any documentation on how to get multiple NAS services to run against the same company within NAV. When I try to set it up, they just cause problems.

What I want is to have NAS Job 1 running processes like Adjust cost, Posting queues, etc (things that take a long time to run) and then have NAS Job 2 running only our WMS process. All our job queue entries are codeunits.

Is there any way to have two NAS servers on one company and each of them running just certian jobs?


I’ve had several (at least 8) setup per company. There are a few ways that this can be done, you can make adjustments based upon the startup parameter for the NAS or the “Parameter String” of the Job Queue Entry. It depends on the overall process, but you can setup filters for Entries to process based on either.