Multiple locations in Production Order

hi, Can anyone help me in this.Its emergency. I am creating a production order from a sales line. Its BOM components are located at multiple locations. now the firm planned production order that the system has created contains the BOM component lines where the location code is same as location code of the finished item in the Sales Order. The system by then creates the reservation entries and hence doesnt allow me to change the location code at the firm planned production order level. so as a result when posting the consumption the inventory goes down wrongly in the other location picked from the sales order. But the actual component item is in another location. In other words, how does my inventory get affected when a production order involves a BOM with multiple components stored in multiple locations. NOTE: The customer has not bought the SKU granule. Thanks in Advance. Regards, Ananthanathan.G

Hi Ananthanathan, We had a similar requirement with one of our client, we then modified a few functionality to handle the Raw Material consumption at different Locations. … Navision as it is will not allow the feature you need ! All the Best ! Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hi Srinivas, Thanks. As you had already dealt with a smililar problem, i just wanted to clarify this with you. while recording the consumption the system checks with the production order component’s qty(picked) field. if i can by pass that area will i be able to record the raw material consumtion properly. if you have any better ideas kindly assist. Thanks in advance.