Multiple locations financials - navision

In the good old Navision Financials, within the module inventory we had multiple locations and shelf / bin numbers. Many of our customers used these to assign bins and locations within 1 location. Now in Navision (Formerly known as Attain) multiple locations has been substituted by the new module multiple locations, which stands for external locations. Now, when upgrading one on one to 3.6, does our customer need advanced warehousemanagement to use the same functionality or can he continue using these fields for the same purpose? Are there any other troubles to be foreseen? Thanks Peter Willemse

Hi Peter If in 2.60 you used locations to denote different places and the shelf/bin number against the item card as a static reference with no processing then I can see this being the same in 3.60. The use of WMS is where the control of this arm of the business is more crucial, put-aways, picks and rules are set-up to control inventory tightly. If you are running without this currently there maybe an argument for you to move to it, but I would say it has to be a viable business argument first, especially as you can, I think, replicate exactly what you are doing in 2.60 in 3.60. Think this might be the wrong forum for this though! [:D]